“I am a trainer who walks my talk. I train so I can enjoy life.”

At age 16 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Six months later I broke my neck diving into a lake. I quickly began to prioritize health and develop my philosophy for living. Fitness, nutrition, and the right mindset became the means to live my life fully.

Poorly controlled diabetes can devastate my quality life, so I use it as a motivating tool. With diabetes, I’ve travelled the world, been a competitive rower, completed triathlons, and cycled across many countries.  I began weight training as a teenager and it turned into a career in the fitness industry. Back surgery from a herniated disc led me to further respect the body and train safely and properly.

Later in my fitness career, I became a professional coach and nutritionist because I found most people really needed more skills to stay on track. It’s easy to change; it’s hard to sustain it. I want my clients to be able to manage their health as well as I feel I have. With health comes freedom and choice.

I love adventure travel. I’m a huge of fan of nature, natural foods, cooking, learning, and laughter. After 25 years in the fitness industry, I’m still passionate about it.

My Profile

Bach. Phys. EdCertified Exercise Physiologist

Registered Holistic Nutritionist Adler Trained Coach

Personal Trainer CPTN | RHN, CPTN-CPT

416-3MONKEY (416-366-6539)

​​“Food is life, life without good food fails”