“Whatever you put your mind to…”

I’ve never been one to follow the herd. If I was told I couldn’t do something, no matter what the reason ( “your a girl, your too small, not the right body type …” ), I made it my business to do it and do it well.  Martial Arts to Pole Dance, Kettlebells to Aerial Silks I love to move. Over the past 10 years I’ve taken my passion for movement and my unwillingness to accept defeat and used it to help clients achieve  goals; prepping for the police physical, The Ride to Conquer Cancer even Tough Mudder races. As well as lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, correct imbalances, and most importantly fall in love with their bodies and an active lifestyle. Some have even gone on to become trainers themselves.

I believe that it’s my responsibility as a trainer to not just take measurements, count reps and bark orders.  A duty to guide, educate and inspire those that come to me to continue on past their initial goals and on to a life filled with activities of all types.   I happen to do this by not only challenging my clients physical capacity but their will as well, I’m not happy unless I’m getting called a few names. Plus laughter always makes things better and it’s extra ab work.


My Profile

Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor

416-3MONKEY (416-366-6539)

My Specialties

  • Kettlebell Conditioning
  • Martial Arts Conditioning
  • Booty Conditioning (I’m a girl what can I say)
  • Mobility