“My training style is best described as a personable and hands-on instruction. I prefer to teach my clients to be self-sufficient.”

I rely on my training, experience and certification to bring my clientele the very best knowledge in exercise physiology and effective training methods. Not only instructing the client but also teaching them through a hand’s on approach.

Monkey See, Monkey Do …is another way for me to validate what I teach, ensuring that I believe in the advice and knowledge I impart, and not pedal the latest fads. Utilising a thorough process of measurement and assessment to develop effective plans to achieve end results all the while teaching the client to better themselves with fun activities.


My Profile

President | Head Trainer | CPTN-CPT

416-3MONKEY (416-366-6539)

Yoga and Pilates meets a bodybuilder

My Specialties

  • Scrawny to Brawny.
  • Post-rehab for both athletes and weekend warriors.
  • Mobility
  • Alternative club and mace training programs.
  • Traditional Style of Natural Body Building; Male & Female.